Community Farms:

Nurturing Local Agriculture and Resilience

At the Agricultural Development Organization (ADO), we strongly believe that community farms are the heart of sustainable agriculture and a pivotal source of agricultural education. These thriving hubs, nestled within local communities, play a crucial role in educating, empowering, and sharing the wonders of agriculture. Our primary objective is to impart the knowledge and skills needed for individuals to cultivate their own food through eco-friendly, small-scale farming practices. The ripple effect of this endeavor is profound, as it not only fortifies local resilience but also fosters improved nutrition and revitalizes a culture of farming within our communities.

ADO’s Commitment to Community Farms

To turn this vision into reality, ADO actively forges partnerships with organizations that share our passion for community-driven agriculture. These partnerships often extend financial support, which aids in the construction and ongoing maintenance of these vital community farms.

Our Growing Network of Community Farms

To date, ADO has successfully established five flourishing community farms, each representing a testament to the power of collaboration and sustainable agriculture:

  1. Pilgrim Baptist Church on St. James Road (ADO and RBC Partnership): Learn more about this inspiring collaboration.
  2. Ranfurly Homes for Children (ADO and Disney Partnership): Explore the heartwarming story behind this partnership.
  3. Bethany’s Assembly of God: Located on the church’s property, this community farm stands as a testament to the congregation’s commitment to sustainable farming practices.
  4. Assemblies of God: Another community farm flourishes on the grounds of this church, fostering a culture of local food production and community engagement.
  5. West Bay Street near Campbell’s Shipping: This community farm, strategically situated, is sowing the seeds of change and resilience.

Join us on this journey of nurturing local agriculture, fostering resilience, and celebrating the beauty of sustainable farming